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May 1st we resumed our business

So…after we paused this business for 4 months due to our big relocation from Maryland to Florida, Alyx is ready to resume her A+ Sunshine handmade jewelry business for the good cause - donation to St. Jude Children Hospital.

May 1st, today, Alyx hosted a small party in our home, few friends joined Alyx and worked hard to make bracelets for Mother’s Day gifts.

We made really good progress with 3 hours of hard work. All the girls turned their creativity into cute bracelets, they worked hard and learned being focus & patient and helping each. And this is just a start of resuming of our business to continue the good cause.

Next step, we will update our website with all the new creations, then we will start selling online and local craft shows.

As before, we will set up the monthly donation goals again and work hard to reach the goal every month and bring sunshine to other people’s world!

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